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Daily Digest: Monday

Yeah Yeah Yeahs make their feelings known.

Mon, Apr 8, 2013, 12:41


I’m with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on this one. Pic is via Spin magazine’s Twitter.

Reasons My Son Is Crying is a blog by a father who posts photos of his son crying and the reasons why. It’s captivating, exploitative, funny and sad. Hopefully his son will grow up to punish him proportionally.

Jezebel has redesigned with giant pictures.

Daycent new tune from Enemies.

Some people actually care that Beyonce and Jay-Z went to Cuba. America, you so crazy!

Earlier this year, a cafe in Tokyo held a workshop where men could create a 3D-printed gummy candy versions of themselves for their partners. Hopefully they’ll make it a more regular thing. And open to all genders, obvs.

On the back of Obama’s remark about Kamala Harris, Gawker tackles “why women don’t like it when you tell them they’re hot in public”, and the BBC gets to grips with the apology, and the US media reaction.

The Knife, Shaking The Habitual, and queer theory, interesting post with loads of good links on Autostraddle.

Is Sheryl Sandberg right about women and work? In other Facebook news, this Observer article from a week ago has an interesting perspective and loads of good information on Mark Zuckerberg’s political posturing.

Great interview with Fiona Shaw in New York Magazine as she prepared for her performance in The Testament of Mary.

The National’s new song is very National-y
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