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Is @CrimerShow the best thing on the internet right now?

No, Twitter parody accounts are not over. Especially when they’re this good.

Wed, Apr 3, 2013, 12:54


Before March 28th, it was hard to imagine Astonishing Sod coming up with something more brilliantly surreal than his own Twitter account or Friends re-imagined, but then CrimerShow was born: “VOISEOVER: In a Citey wher thers Somuchcrimes , theDetetcive is onthe Case… DETETCIVE: Stop crimeing! VOISEOVER: But Oneproblam… Crimer!”

Tweet after tweet makes cop shows redundant – it will now be impossible to watch Law and Order SVU or anything else of its ilk without thinking of the mumbling, sunglass-wearing tropes of cops fighting crime spun in short snaps of hilarious surrealism. For example, read this series below (from the bottom up, obvs):

The garbled syntax, grammar and spelling pointing out the juvenile redundancy of cop show cliches, the hilarious asides, the amazing editing and positioning of words and phrases that alert the reader automatically to what “melk” etc. is without explanation. Actually, dissecting @CrimerShow is premature at this stage. Just follow. It’s genius.