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Daily Digest: Tuesday

A round up of interesting articles, videos, tunes and other things.

Tue, Apr 2, 2013, 12:13


I listened to a lot of early This American Life podcasts recently while driving from Texas to Toronto, and one which really stuck out was this 1996 episode titled Double Lives about Susan Bergman and her father’s double life as a gay man.

Danny Boyle says women need better roles in film.

Tyler, The Creator interview with Billboard.

Really looking forward to checking out the rooftop bar at the Marker in Grand Canal Dock. I’m a BIG fan of rooftop bars. Dublin should have way more of them.

Can erotica survive Fifty Shades?

Reading Sarah Schulman’s The Gentrification of the Mind: Witness to a Lost Imagination. It’s captivating. Check it out if you haven’t read it already.

Sean Parker’s themed wedding. I’m suspicious of people who make their weddings ‘costume-y’. That’s the conservative anti-dress-up in me.

Savita Halappanavar report finds that main focus was the foetus, not the mother.

After seeing them life four times in the space of a week, Savages are my new favourite band. Listen to their tunes and watch their videos here

Game of Thrones recap. There are spoilers in this article, obviously, so don’t read it unless you’ve started watching season three!

I’ve recently started listening to the back catalogue of Making It With Riki Lindhome which is a podcast about people in the entertainment industry and how they got where they are.

A less than favourable review of Rihanna’s latest gig in Vancouver.

Feminist: Stories from Women’s Liberation. This new doc by Jennifer Lee just won best documentary and the Los Angeles Women’s Film Festival. Here’s a clip about the Statue of Liberty take over.