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Scream! Beatlemania at Shea Stadium, New York, August 1966. Photo: Barton Silverman/The New York Times

Mon, Mar 27, 2017, 09:47


(1) One of the side-effects of Donald Trump at large in the White House is a huge growth industry in good reads about the people around him such as advisor Kellyanne Conway. Here’s Molly Ball’s profile of the spin doctor for The Atlantic and, while we’re at it. here’s Olivia Nuzzi’s interview for New York magazine with the woman known as Blueberry to the US secret service.

(2) The only 60,000 word history of the boutique hotel you’ll need to read today.

(3) Leave it all behind: how video games are providing an alternative reality for jobless young men; how 1,600 people went missing from US public parks; how Christopher Knight survived alone in the wilderness for 27 years.

(4) Just what is Atlanta’s problem with embracing the culture of hip-hop and trap music the city keeps producing?

(5) You too can speak like Guy Fieri.

(6) Grunge tours are now a thing in Seattle: “the highlight of the tour is easily Black Dog Forge. After almost kicking the door in because the key was stuck, Drewery leads the tour inside the blacksmith shop and down some rickety steps to the basement space where both Pearl Jam and Soundgarden used to rehearse.”

(7) Fascinating TedX talk by film-maker Dan Bell about America’s dead shopping malls. Tons more videos by Bell documenting these abandoned spaces here.

(8) Last night a DJ saved my life: inside the Disco Demolition at Comiskey Park in Chicago in July 1979. Bonus killjoys: Rudy Giuliani’s 1994 to 2001 war on New York clubs and club people.

(9) Lean back: meet the most unlikely hip-hop icons imaginable, the people who manufacture promethazine codeine syrup which has powered so many different scenes

(10) Dive in: Alice Coltrane’s “Blue Nile” from 1970 album “Ptah, The El Daoud”