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The wrap did not win an Oscar last night

Your reading list including David Rodigan, Stan Smith, Paul Smith, Bryson Morris, department stores, Mamba Negra, Donald Trump’s handshakes etc

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Mon, Feb 27, 2017, 09:14


(1) Hip-hop and fashion brands: just how much does a Kanye West or A$AP Rocky shoutout help a brand to shift those units?

(2) Stan Smith the man behind Stan Smith the sneaker. “With his Adidas contract, Smith became one of the first American tennis players to receive an endorsement deal. It was the very beginning of the modern brand-athlete pairings that would, a little over a decade later, lead to Michael Jordan’s very own Air Jordan line, and three decades after that, to LeBron James’s reported $1 billion lifetime endorsement deal with Nike.”

(3) If you thought this piece about billionaire Robert Mercer using algorithms to wage war on mainstream media and support the Donald Trump and Brexit campaigns was a scary read about big data, think again. Meet the team aiming to turn teen pop singer Bryson Morris into the next Justin Bieber.

(4) Raving in São Paulo as a political act: how female-run collective Mamba Negra are showing the socio-political importance of putting on events in pop-up spaces from busy streets in poor neighborhoods to abandoned buildings.

(5) Of course, there has to be at least one Oscar-related story here today by law. Moonlight composer Nicholas Britell on how DJ Screw’s chopped-and-screwed style influenced the score. Sadly, the Academy voters weren’t as impressed by the Houston sound, plumping for La La Land ahead of this and Mica Levi’s awesome score for Jackie on the night.

(6) Colourful profile of fashion designer Paul Smith: “the story of Paul Smith is a fascinating, and perhaps unrepeatable, business case study. How did a one-man brand turn into a global mega-empire with a turnover, in 2015, of £192m? How did someone who started in a windowless broom cupboard in Nottingham grow that into 39 directly owned shops, 180 franchises in 60-odd countries and a scarcely credible, looks-like-a-typo 250 stores in Japan? And all of this has been achieved with cursory tailoring experience, dyslexia and while still retaining a majority stake — a rarity in the industry these days — in the company that bears his name.”

(7) The future of the department store

(8) A memo for Enda Kenny ahead of his visit to the White House next month: the psychology of Donald Trump’s handshakes anf how to beat him at his own game.

(9) A history of intelligence: “In recent years, the progress being made in AI research has picked up significantly, and many experts believe that these breakthroughs will soon lead to more. Pundits are by turn terrified and excited, sprinkling their Twitter feeds with Terminator references. To understand why we care and what we fear, we must understand intelligence as a political concept – and, in particular, its long history as a rationale for domination.”

(10) The legendary David Rodigan has his say. Looking forward to reading his autobiography Rodigan: My Life In Reggae.