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The wrap is meeting Drizzy for lunch

The start-the-week reading list including hotels on the moon, algorithms, High Maintenace, Corey Hirsch, Green Angels, Ryan Gattis, Metallica, New York Times, Guy Fieri, country music etc

Where TVs go to die. Inside ECS Refining recycling centre in Dallas, Texas. Photo: Cooper Neill for VICE Magazine/Motherboard https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/americas-television-graveyards

Mon, Feb 20, 2017, 10:36


(1) If I’d an euro for every time someone in the last week has recommended Gabriel Snyder’s meaty read on the future of the New York Times, I’d be able to pay my sub for the next few years.

(2) Looking forward to reading TripAdvisor reviews of this new hotel when it opens. “The entrance to the Lunar Hilton would be on the surface, but the majority of the three-level hotel would be situated 20-30 feet below for better temperature control. All the machinery necessary to keep the hotel running would be housed in the bottom level. The second level would consist of two long hallways crossing each other, providing enough space for 100 rooms. The top level would be reserved for public space and a dining room.”

(3) All Involved by Ryan Gattis was one of my favourite books from the last few years is (his new one, Safe, is due later this year). He recommended a great piece about East LA 1990s’ ditch parties during the week on Twitter for those who want to know more about the scenes in All Involved.

(4) Why unaccountable algorithms deserve more scrutiny. “From Google search to OkCupid matchmaking, software orders and weights hundreds of variables into clean, simple interfaces, taking us from query to solution. Complex mathematics govern such answers, but it is hidden from plain view, thanks either to secrecy imposed by law, or to complexity outsiders cannot unravel.

(5) A profile of Guy Fieri, the dude you come across eating food in diner kitchens as you flick around the TV channels in search of something to watch that you haven’t seen a million times already.

(6) One for fans of excellent TV series High Maintenance: meet the Green Angels, the models delivering weed door to door in New York. Speaking of High Maintenance…

(7) And you thought the CD would last forever? Why disc rot in CDs is a massive challenge for archivists and collectors

(8) “I had this thought. It was a horrible, ridiculous, dark thought. Have you ever had one of those? A flash in your mind. Something totally absurd. It’s almost like your brain is telling you, “Think of the darkest, most horrible thing you can imagine.” To give you the tamest example possible: Maybe you’re driving your car, and you imagine yourself turning the wheel and driving into oncoming traffic. You’d never do it, of course. So why are you thinking it? It’s absurd. And then it’s gone. It’s just a flash, you know?”. Superb piece of writing by former ice hockey goalkeeper Corey Hirsch about the darkness.

(9) Keep it country: profile of Kurt Bardella, the dude who compiles country music’s must-read daily despatch Morning Hangover Tipsheet.

(10) One of my favourite interviews of 2016 was this encounter with Metallica’s Lars Ulrich in New York as he and the rest of the band did the hard promo yards for their last album “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct”. Here’s Ulrich talking even more turkey about life on the road