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New Music – Wilsen, Our Girl, 7th Obi

New music to check out from Brooklyn, Brighton and Tramore/Northampton


Thu, Feb 9, 2017, 09:53


Every week, we highlight a couple of new acts from around the globe who’ve caught our attention. Please feel free to share tips with us or check out all past New Music selections here.


There’s a strong sense from the tracks to date that Wilsen’s forthcoming debut album “I Go Missing In My Sleep” will be one of those records which pop up a lot in the months to come. Brooklyn based, they’re fronted by Londoner Tamsin Wilson who met bandmates Drew Arndt and Johnny Simon while studying at the Berklee College of Music. Wilson and Wilsen’s knack for dreamy folk-pop melodies within tender, lovingly turned out tunes like “Heavy Steps” below has already caught the attention of many.

Our Girl

You may recognise the Brighton-based band’s frontwoman Soph Nathan from her work with The Big Moon, but Our Girl are taking a slightly different trajectory with their sound. “Being Around” is a great example of how Our Girl are using spikey, punchy guitars to soar, a sound which is all the better to go with Nathan’s striking lyrics.

7th Obi

Born in Nigeria, raised in Waterford and Tramore and now studying in Northampton, the teenager has been putting out tracks for a while, but his most recent batch are of a much different and better stripe. Tracks like the crackling “Malibu” in particular come with a beguiling snap and crackle, with the production work adding an old-school, hazy glaze which works well with his flow and cadence. One to watch.