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They just fell off the back of a truck

Mon, Jan 9, 2017, 10:02


(1) Where the wild things were: you’ll find Swiss photographer Edo Bertoglio’s polaroids of wide-eyed New York club kids, starlets and superstars at large in the 1980s collected in New York Polaroids 1976–1989. Better than seflies.

(2) The rebirth of the Technics’ 1200: how Panasonic are dealing – or not dealing – with the history and heritage of the club DJ’s favourite turntable.

(3) Vinyl may be getting all the retro love at present, but what about the CD? Robin Murray asks what’s our problem with a format which is supposed to be on the way out, yet still saw sales of 48 million in the UK in 2016.

(4) Speaking of vinyl… Stephen Rennicks delves into the history of the Irish record manufacting industry.

(5) “From a search of seven widely read UK national newspapers and bbc.co.uk, we identified 308 articles about binge drinking published over two years. When we analysed them, we found what we suspected: news articles associate binge drinking with women more frequently than men, and present women’s drinking as more problematic.”

(6) The story of Jamaica queenpin Sister Nancy and her “Bam Bam” banger.

(7) Lorem ipsum: how Roman philosopher Cicero’s essay “On the Extremes of Good and Evil,” or De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum became the go-to filler text for designers everywhere.

(8) The politics of sneakers: how what you wear on your feet can make a big political statement.

(9) What happened to curly quotation marks around quotes? A fascinating history of the quotation mark wars between curly quotes and straight quotes involving typesetters, printers, designers and the internet.

(10) One more 2016 tune: how did The Chainsmokers, of all people, end up dominating the last year in pop? Emilee Linder looks at the tunes, the bros and the attitude.