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HWCH Q&A: Talos

Talos brings OTR’s HWCH Q&A series to a close

Eoin French from Talos

Thu, Oct 6, 2016, 14:05


It’s the final entry in our series of Q&As with musicians playing the Hard Working Class Heroes festival and convention, which kicks off in downtown Dublin. Here’s what Eoin French from Talos had to say on the subject of being in a band in 2016. Catch Talos at the Chocolate Factory Stage 2 on Friday night at 10.30pm

If you were to point an Irish Times reader to the best example of your work, what would it be and why?

“Right now, it would be the live show. Its taken a long time and a lot of heartache to get this right. And for the first time since I started I feel really confident in it. With regards the recordings, I think either “In Time” or “Your Love is an Island” are good examples of where we are at.”

Why did you get involved with making music in the first place? Has it lived up to expectations?

“I’ve always found excitement in making things. Why I landed on music was because I found I could be absolutely honest in what I made. It must scare you a bit what you’re exposing I think, be it vulnerability, fear, anger etc…”

What was your experience of music at school and in the education system?

“I didnt study music in school. I studied for a couple of years in the Cork School of Music alright when I was a kid, but that was it.”

What’s the best piece of advice you got when you were starting out on this path?

“I think it wasn’t so much told to me directly, but it was to enjoy the oblivion that comes with making music.”

What advice would you give to other bands or those who want to be in a band or make music?

“If you want to do it just do it. The hardest part is committing to it I think”

Your favourite Irish venue to play and why?

“Connollys of Leap is a very special place for me as it’s where the live show has come together over the past year.”