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Mecca by night during this year's hajj

Mon, Sep 19, 2016, 09:29


(1) Some really good stuff in the first couple of episodes of Donald Glover’s new series Atlanta about wannabe hip-hop players in the city. Here’s a guide to the music in the show so far.

(2) The US presidental debates kick off next week – there’s a Banter discussion on the topic tomorrow night – so who’s going to come out on top? James Fallows analyses the approach of both camps for The Atlantic, while Jill Lepore digs into the history of the format for The New Yorker. ““Someone could try it this time. The lights would go on and the moderator could say, ‘Madam Secretary, Mr. Trump, have a good conversation,’ and walk off. Except no one could do that this time because Trump couldn’t sit and talk, civilly, for ninety minutes because, with Trump, you need a lion tamer, a whip, and a chair.”

(3) “I was a middle-aged man who had done OK in life, but there was something missing. I hadn’t created anything substantial; hadn’t mastered a discipline. I craved substance, and saw in chess a possible way of laying down a marker. I would become an expert, demonstrate that I wasn’t just a dilettante. After a lifetime of chess mediocrity, I set out to achieve excellence, for the first time in my life to truly master a world, to become good – not just good at chess, but at living. To get really expert I would have to be focused, disciplined, ruthless even – all the things I had found it difficult to sustain in an often rackety life.”

(4) More US presidental shizzle: the strange story of what happened onboard Air Force One when it was the only plane in the air on September 11 2001.

(5) Mo Atlanta: the story of how bass became the soundtrack of the city as told by the scene’s original bassheads like MC Shy D, Mr. Collipark, DJ Toomp and DJ Jelly

(6) How do you learn to eat? GQ writer Mark Anthony Green may have been an expert on many things, but food was his blind spot until Daniel Boulud came along and introduced him to mushrooms.

(7) What’s your go-to music to get shit done on a daily basis? A bunch of Pitchfork writers talk about the tunes they turn to when there are deadlines to beat.

(8) Great archive find from 10 years of Huck about wheelchair rugby. “The guards on Phipps’ wheels are battered like comets; a history of hits, both taken and received. This is the world of wheelchair rugby – the Paralympics’ only full-contact sport and its fastest selling ticket. It’s also one of few sports where a welder stands by, ready to reassemble the Mad Max-style wheelchairs that provide a second skin for the athletes battling it out on the court.”

(9) Hajj diary: New York Times’ Diaa Hadid writes about her first pilgrimage to Mecca earlier this month.

(10) The power of playlists: Neil Cowley on the two million plays which his track “Grace” received after being featured on a high profile Spotify playlist