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The playlist – the tracks of the week at OTR

Tracks from Frank Ocean, Flamingosis, Niamh Regan, Warpaint, Betty Harris, Marlena Shaw etc

Fri, Aug 26, 2016, 09:52


Niamh Regan “She” (Self release)

Splendid, subtle, textured folky turn from the young Galway singer-songwriter with the fantastic voice. Always good to hear OTR New Music faves from five years ago still making waves

Vinyl Williams “L’Quasar” (Company Record Label)

Far-out, spacey, adventurous psych pop from Los Angeles dude Lionel Williams’ forthcoming “Brunei” album.

Warpaint “New Song” (Rough Trade)

The band who rolled into town for a fine show at Dublin’s NCH the other night go for the hips and feets with this deeply slinky cut from the forthcoming “Heads Up” album.

Frank Ocean “Self Control” (Boys Don’t Cry)

Finest cut from the boy Ocean’s patchy new album.


The Paranoid Style “Common Emergencies” (Bar None)

From the Washington DC combo’s powerful debut album “Rolling Disclosure”

Flamingosis “Bright Moments” (Vinyl Digital)

Hazy sunnysideup soul, funk and hip-hop grooves for those seeking to keep the summer moods going a little longer.

Thom Sonny Green “High Anxiety” (Infectious)

Do not adjust your set: a set of oft-times enthralling electronic and ambient mood pieces from the drummer with indie meat-and-two-veg plodders Alt-J

Betty Harris “The Lost Queen of New Orleans Soul” (Soul Jazz)

Fiery soul singing with real gusto and passion from the NOLA queen with soul and funk stirrings, all supervised by Allen Toussaint. Music with real heart and soul, like “There’s A Break In the Road” below

Eddie Harris “Silver Cycles” (Atlantic)

The title track from Harris’ 1969 trip into experimentation never fails to surprise with its avant-garde touches and glorious psychedelic diversions.

Marlena Shaw “California Soul” (Capitol)

The sound you hear that lingers in your ear

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