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The wrap is still hoping for a summer

Betty Davis, iPod Classic, algorithms, sampling, Carl Craig, mental health, mobile phones in Africa, Caesar’s Palace etc

Betty Davis

Tue, Aug 2, 2016, 09:44


(1) Health warnings: electronic music DJs and musicians from Moby to Steve Aoki discuss the drugs, sleeplessness and isolation that come with the lifestyle. Plus music journalist Jeremy Allen on how the “culture of excess” he found with the job led him to end up voluntarily in a psychiatric hospital ward.

(2) Africa’s mobile revolution: “by 2020 there will be more than 700m smartphone connections in Africa – more than twice the projected number in North America and not far from the total in Europe, according to GSMA, an association of mobile phone operators. In Nigeria alone 16 smartphones are sold every minute, while mobile data traffic across Africa is set to increase 15-fold by 2020.”

(3) Cult hero: a couple of great pieces here and here on Betty Davis, the woman who’d a huge influence on her husband Miles and many women performers everywhere. There’s a new Light In the Attic compilation “The Columbia Years” out now, but here’s her superfly 1974 album “They Say I’m Different”

(4) With the Edinburgh Festival about to get into full swing, interesting profile of Richard Demarco, the artist, curator, promoter and organiser behind a host of fantastic events at the festival over the last 55 years.

(5) Carl Craig turns tour guide and shows us around Detroit

(6) In praise of the clickwheel: “who would fork over up to $1,000 (or more; a factory-sealed seventh gen is listed for $1699 on eBay right now) for an old, obsolete MP3 player except a stick-in-the-mud Luddite, resistant to our inevitable progress toward a cloud-based future? I’m not sure. But I think these people were onto something.”

(7) Fascinating deep dive from Glenn Jackson into the ins and outs of sampling in 2016 featuring contributions from producers such as Daedelus, Detroit Swindle, FaltyDL, Soul of Hex, Submerse and many more.

(8) Man vs machine department: musician Anna Vincent pits music journalist Peter Paphides against Spotify’s Discover Weekly algorithm to see who can read her music tastes and likes better when it comes to new music.

(9) 50 years of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas including Evel Knievel’s crash, Frank Sinatra’s gambling, Muhammad Ali’s big defeat and “The Hangover” cast swimming in the fountain.

(10) Tune!