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Olympic drug tests, sleep soundtracks, Jeff Buckley, hotels vs Airbnb, Starck Club, Simone Biles, children vs nature, Vincent Hogan on Michelle Smith, flying etc

Interior of the Starck Club in Dallas. Photo: David Muir

Tue, Jul 26, 2016, 09:16


(1) The Olympics: “This is how it starts, the complicated, precarious system of drug-testing elite athletes.” Besides all the sweat, tears and potential glory, Olympic athletes will also spend some time peeing in a cup under the watchful eye of a drug tester. The perfect 10: fascinating profile of Olympic gymnast Simone Biles. Extra lap: superb piece by Vincent Hogan about reporting on Michelle Smith at the Atlanta Olympics.

(2) Record collections: six emerging Los Angeles’ beats producers talk about the producers they’re digging right now plus the contents of Jeff Buckley’s record collection.

(3) Time for sleep: it’s not just Thom Yorke and Max Richter who’re hard at working creaing long-form playlists to help us sleep-deprived moderns nod off; here’s Moby talking about the four hours of ambient music he has compiled which may be better for your sleep than counting sheep.

(4) Tour diary: novelist Emily St. John Mandel talks about her life on tour to plug her award-winning Station Eleven

(5) Rethinking hotels in the age of millenials plumping for Airbnb instead: “This is the biggest generation of travelers. They’re larger than boomers or Gen X, and they travel much more, and they’re more passionate about it. They want different things from their travel experience, including communal spaces, digital connectivity and local design touches.”

(6) The story of the Starck Club in Dallas. “Starck Club epitomized the ostentatious excess of the 1980s architecturally, chemically and musically, destined to burn out fabulously but not before reaching previously unimagined heights. It was, quite simply, a nightclub the likes of which has rarely been seen in the United States since.”

(7) Memo for the school holidays: why getting kids to engage with nature is not all it’s cracked up to be.

(8) A short history of the index card, from Carl Linnaeus to the Dewey Decimal System and the Mundaneum to the internet.

(9) Are you about to fly off on your summer holidays? Why flying is an awful experience, explained using your sad, lonely gaff

(10) World exclusive: it’s First Lady Melania Trump’s Carpool Karaoke! Well, she “borrowed” the speech so she might well borrow this performance too.