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New Music – Benta, Maria Usbeck, Paths

New music for you to check out from New York , Ecuador and Belfast

Maria Usbeck. Photo: Holland Brown

Thu, Jun 30, 2016, 13:56


Every week, we highlight a couple of new acts from around the globe who’ve caught our attention. Please feel free to share tips with us or check out all past New Music selections here.


From New York, Benta’s latest track “Lover In Dark” is a dubby, trippy blast of pop-noir and a powerful ear-worm. Produced with Liam Howe, the Sneaker Pimps dude who has worked with everyone from Lana del Rey and Marina & The Diamonds to Ellie Goulding and FKA Twigs, the track bodes well for future moves from the mysterious Benta.

Maria Usbeck

Maria Usbeck’s “Amparo” may be her debut album, but the Ecuadorian-born New Yorker had a previous outing as the frontwoman with Selebrities. Her solo material is also the first time she’s singing in her native Spanish and the album, co-produced by Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek, is full of blissful, melancholic, emotional and striking songs which were written in Ecuador, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Barcelona, Lisbon, Easter Island, Costa Rica, Florida, Los Angeles and Brooklyn.


There is very little info out there about Belfast-based Paths, but there are three tracks from Jules Shaw which have been produced by Thrash Hat (AKA Rory Friers from And So I Watch You From Afar) which are well worth hearing. “Neoprene”, “Last One Standing” and “Right Beside You” are full of sweet electro-pop ebbs and flows, but there is also a sharp, edgy drag in there too and some fascinating melodic twists to keep things interesting. Looking forward to hearing where these Paths lead in time. Hear the tracks on Paths’ Breaking Tunes page.