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Banter at Castlepalooza

Tommy Tiernan, Steve Davis and the guardians of Charleville Castle join us in Tullamore

Thu, Jun 30, 2016, 09:52


It’s set to be a weekend on the highways and byways of Ireland for the Banter bus. After our outing at Make A Move in Limerick tomorrow night, we’re off to Castlepalooza in Tullamore, Co Offaly on Saturday.

You’ll find Banter in the Big Blue tent behind the castle from 5pm to 8pm and our line-up of folks is as follows:

5pm: A conversation with Tommy Tiernan

Tommy talks about this, that and the other. We listen. As simple as that.

6pm: The keepers of the castle

Dudley Stewart and Bonnie Vance are the guardians of Charleville Castle, the venue for this weekend’s festival. We talk to them about the castle’s history since it was commissioned by Charles William Bury in 1798, the various inhabitants down through the years, the ghostly figures who now hang out in the castle and how the building now earns its keep when Castlepalooza is not around.

7pm: A round with Steve Davis

You’ll know Steve Davis first and foremost as the most successful professional snooker player of the 1980s, winning a total of 28 major ranking events, including six World Championships. You’ll know him these days as a DJ and leftfield music champion, which is what brings him to Castlepalooza this weekend. We’ll talk snooker and music with Steve.