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Chance the Rapper

Wed, Jun 1, 2016, 12:53


(1) One of the 30 Banter talks at Bloom this weekend that we’re really looking forward to is with Erin Tiedeken from the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan about plans to ensure bees can survive and thrive. Here’s Brett Murphy’s fascinating piece about how Californian commercial beekeepers who rent out their bees for pollination now face threats from bee bandits.

(2) The ballad of Neutral Milk Hotel: the latest article on the rise and rise of acclaim for their “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” album. “Nobody knows exactly where the allegorical rhetoric surrounding Neutral Milk Hotel began. Usually a mythos builds around a flashpoint, like Robert Smith touting Nick Drake or Kurt Cobain showing up to interviews in Daniel Johnston’s Hi, How Are You T-shirts”

(3) Media department: Sam Tranum from the increasingly essential Dublin Inquirer takes a look at the provenance of some of the stories which have appeared in The Liberal in recent times

(4) Oral history dept: superb heavyweight interview with Low End Theory dude Daddy Kev about the Los Angeles scene then and now; the Fat Beats’ story, the big read on the fabled and much missed New York hip-hop mecca; Paul McDermott tells the story of Cork icon Finbarr Donnelly and his bands Nun Attax, Five Go Down To the Sea? and Beethoven (part one and part two)

(5) The economics of that €100 you stuck in an envelope when you went to that wedding of the two folks you kind of knew but didn’t know well enough to know if they liked the new Anderson .Paak album

(6) That Chance the Rapper album, eh? Here’s a profile of the people in the Chance gang, the Chicago collaborators shaping his world

(7) Housing department: good piece by Una Mullally on the Irish renting shitstorm; inside Stockholm’s housing crisis; tracking and parsing 30 years of San Francisco rent ads; the London skyscraper which sums up that city’s property problems.

(8) Michael Rapino talks, we listen. Here’s the Live Nation big cheese (Dinny’s boss, like) talking shop with Recode Media’s Peter Kafka, including his thoughts on streaming, upselling, Ticketmaster and much more. Our favourite quote is Rapino on ticket touting: “it’s an $8 billion industry. That’s like cocaine money. That’s going to attract a lot of good people.” Sadly, that quote doesn’t appear in Professor Michael Waterson’s unsnappily-titled Independent Review of Consumer Protection Measures concerning Online Secondary Ticketing Facilities report released last week (more excerpts from Rapino’s interview here and interview in full below)

(9) Health department: round of applause for Noisey for their excellent series on music and mental health. Meanwhile, it’s not just the music industry which has a problem with booze and drugs, as Sarah Jane Coffey asks if the startup industry also needs to check its head, especially when it comes to alcohol.

(10) Flogging fake brands on the Canal Street catwalk: how the New York street became a home for counterfeit bags, watches and clobber.