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Inside the singer’s mind

New RTE radio documentary Showtime talks to singers about the art of performance

Jehnny Beth from Savages

Wed, Jun 1, 2016, 07:55


For those of us who watch performers step on a stage, there is always a question about what goes through that person’s mind as they prepare for the show. You might think that if a singer is onstage night after night that it becomes routine or second nature (like it does for many with their day-jobs), but there are always other forces and thoughts which work their way into their minds when you’re performing in front of a paying audience.

Showtime is a documentary by Danny Carroll where singers like John Grant, Conor O’Brien from Villagers, Camille O’Sullivan, Jehnny Beth (Savages), Frances Black and Stuart Staples (Tindersticks) talk about the good and the bad of performance, from pre-show nerves and standing ovations to tour fatigue to post-show euphoria. There will also be contributions from opera singer and psychotherapist Virginia Kerr and performance psychologist Dr. Sarah Sinnamon.

Showtime airs on RTE Radio One on bank holiday Monday June 6 at 2pm and will be available online afterwards.