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Prison, yogurt, Nate Silver, Dave Chappelle’s Block Party, WeFood, the Punchestown Festival, Pantone, SXSW and much more

Going online in public in Cuba. Photo: Giorgio Palmera http://www.echophotojournalism.com/stories/cuba-line

Mon, Mar 7, 2016, 09:45


(1) Festivalwatch: we thought we were so smart with our pointyheaded overview of the Irish summer festival season last week and then MCD went and announced the Punchestown Festival. Will a bill featuring Lionel Richie as headliner and support from Shane Filan (bloke from Westlife), James Morrison, Corrine Bailey Rae, Sister Sledge and more pull a crowd to Punchestown, the one-time home of the Oxegen bacchanal, on July 23? Only time will tell, though they should have added horse-racing because if a mix of horses-and-bands works for those summer gigs in Leopardstown, it would surely work for the Co Kildare racecourse too, especially with the cut of that line-up.

(2) Food department: vanilla yogurt and happiness; a look inside Copenhagen supermarket WeFood which only sells food that is past its official expiration date or unworthy of other supermarket shelves because of “aesthetic imperfections” (ie knobbly bits) and damaged packaging; why it took Starbucks 45 years to open a gaff in Italy (cue this briliant scene from The Sopranos) and what happens when a food product is recalled?

(3) Prison time: meet the thieves, killers, and dope dealers running 26.2 miles in the San Quentin Marathon behind the walls at California’s oldest prison which is home to America’s largest death row and making beats on Rikers Island during the weekly Beats, Rhymes, & Justice workshop for young offenders.

(4) My Bloody Valentine, Donald Trump, holiday advice, US Supreme Court, Bjork, good food: it’s Tyler Cowen’s interview with data phenomenon Nate Silver

(5) The best hip-hop film of all-time? That would be Dave Chappelle’s Block Party as directed by Michel Gondry. Here’s Julian Kimble on why the doc captured the moment that hip-hop changed. And here’s a video.

(6) Per American poet Ogden Nash, “happiness is having a scratch for every itch”. An examination of the human need to scratch that itch

(7) Gen Z field report: the secret world of Tumblr Teens. ” In June 2014, Pizza had more than 1 million followers and was the biggest star of the Tumblr teen comedy world. Two months later, her blog was gone. Type in pizza.tumblr.com today and you’ll get a simple, haunting message: “There’s nothing here.” The 1 million left behind began to buzz: Where was Pizza? Why did Pizza go? Who killed Pizza?”

(8) This day next week, we’ll be dashing around Austin like a blue-arsed fly as SXSW 2016 will be in full effect. It’s not all free tacos and branded super-stages for the Texas city, though, with more than 1,200 jobs lost in Austin’s music industry over the past four years. Austin mayor Steve Adler believes his 20 point Austin Music & Creative Ecosystem Omnibus Resolution report will change all that and show that the live music capital of the world is still open for business.

(9) What’s your favouorite colour? “Pantone’s choice of “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity” as the 2016 Colour of the Year is the most insidious move by this colour-industrial-complex since “Blue Iris” in 2008.” The propaganda of Pantone and issues of colour and subcultural sublimation

(10) Speaking of SXSW, we have a list of 158 bands to see including Seratones