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The interview round-up

Some recent pieces from the paper with Tommy KD, Savages and John Seabrook

Savages. Photo: Collin Lane

Wed, Jan 20, 2016, 09:19


Many of you will know Tommy KD from his time in Man & The Machine, the rapper-and-beatboxer duo who were a staple on Dublin streets a decade ago. Many will have wondered whatever happened to the pair. Well, Tommy Kiernan Dunne is back in business with his debut solo album “Karma’s A Bitch” out now. I met him a few weeks ago to hear his story and he’d quite a tale to tell about homelessness, drug addiction, crime, prison and a cameo in Love/Hate. You’ll find the interview with the former metaller, as well as a video interview by Enda O’Dowd, here and “Homeless” from the album is below.

Savages’ new album “Adore Life” goes on release this Friday. A few months ago, lead singer Jehnny Beth was in Dublin for a show at the National Concert Hall based around the work of David Lynch and she talked about the new album, the intuition which powers their work and the process by which Savages, whose members didn’t know each other all that well when the band started, started to trust each other. Interview here and “The Answer” from the new album below

There’s a fascinating cast of folks behind your favourite pop songs and singers and they’re the ones who piqued the curiosity of New Yorker writer and author John Seabrook. He set out in his book The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory to profile hit-makers like Shellback, Max Martin, Stargate Dr Luke and the K-Pop scene and find out what’s required to turn a bunch of ideas, melodies and hooks into a song which sticks. Here’s my interview with Seabrook about what he found within the pop factory and, sure, here’s a Rihanna video