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The wrap is on the money

Bootleggers, money, pop stars’ secret histories, Roulé Records, Ninja Tune, Russian troll farms, Gilles Peterson, Rubik’s Cube and Cinema Paradiso

Bootlegger Scott Bernstein goes through his collection Photo: Jessica Bal https://twitter.com/jessica_bal

Mon, Dec 7, 2015, 10:04


(1) Meet the tapers: fascinating piece on the dudes who spend hours of their lives recording live concerts. More bootlegs: Liam Geraghty’s report for a recent episode of The Business on RTE Radio One about the bootleging industry is here.

(2) The future of money: a couple of recent decent reads about what’s going to happen to the money in our pockets including a report on how Kenya’s mobile money network M-PESA operates and Rose Eveleth’s BBC feature on why the future of cash may involve cash after all.

(3) Artists like Ed Sheeran, Haim, FKA Twigs and Sam Smith may all be hugely well known right now as Ed Sheeran, Haim, FKA Twigs and Sam Smith, but there are skeletons in their pop wardrobes. Peter Robinson on pop stars deleting their past endeavours.

(4) Record label history department: the history of Daft Punk’s Roulé label and its 14 sublime releases (including the best tune of 1998 below) and Ninja Tune co-founder Matt Black looks back at 25 years of that esteemed label.

(5) Is your boss watching you right now as you scroll through irishtimes.com, check your Facebook page and do some surreptitious Christmas shopping? S/he probably is. Here’s how Walmart and other big companies roll in this regard

(6) Adrian Chen goes inside the Internet Research Agency, the “troll farm” which employs hundreds of Russians to post pro-Kremlin stories online under fake identities to create the illusion of a massive army of supporters.

(7) Gilles Peterson’s Saturday afternoon show on BBC 6 Music remains one of the best wireless experiences around. Here’s a fine lengthy interview with the DJ, broadcaster, record label boss and Arsenal fan.

(8) Just like that: how to solve a Rubik’s Cube in five seconds. Cube squared: Hungarian inventor Ernő Rubik on how he invented the puzzle in the first place

(9) Marking the upcoming retirement of Kobe Bryant at the end of this NBA season, great profile by Keith Duggan on the Lakers’ star’s career plus a Grantland archive piece on the career that never was, Kobe as would-be rap star.

(10) A great soundtrack in honour of a great man. RIP Paddy