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Open Your Eyes: the Kray tapes

An interview with Vincent “Vintage Vinny” Smith as part of a new Reggie Kray installation in Dublin

Reggie Kray

Mon, Nov 16, 2015, 14:54


In 1995, a Dublin man named Greg Smith was beaten up on the streets of Dover and ended up in a coma in Ashford Hospital in Kent. A few weeks later, an envelope arrived at the hospital addressed to Greg’s brother Vincent. The envelope contained a tape and a letter from Reggie Kray (the Kray Twins of Legend fame), then serving time in Maidstone Prison. Vincent had talked to local newspapers about the attack on his brother and Kray, who had read the reports, decided to get in touch.

The first words on the tape were “open your eyes, don’t hesitate”

Sadly, Greg Smith did not live but, 20 years on, the recording will form the centrepiece of Open Your Eyes, a sound installation to be housed in the basement of Wigwam (Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1). Put together by Vincent, AKA Vintage Vinny, the installation will feature the rare recording of Reggie Kray’s voice and will take place on Thursday November 26 at 6pm.

As part of Open Your Eyes, Banter will host an interview with Vincent at Wigwam about the motivation behind the installation, his brother, his thoughts on Reggie Kray and other matters.

Admission is €10 and proceeds will go to suicide awareness charity Aware