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Reliving the Hard Working Class Heroes Convention

Videos from some of the discussions from this month’s music convention in Dublin

Wed, Oct 28, 2015, 10:20


Earlier this month, the annual Hard Working Class Heroes Convention took place in Dublin’s NDRC. While the focus of the festival is – rightly – on the bands playing over three nights, the panels, talks and discussions which take place by day are definitely worth catching if you’ve with an interest in the business side of the music game. Of course, I would say that, seeing as I’m involved in programming and hosting the convention.

You’ll find videos of all the main room discussions here and I’ve embedded them below if you want to save yourself a click.

Show Me the Money: Ciarán Walsh (Culture Ireland), Allison Outhit (VP Factor Canada), MarK Crossingham (Universal Ireland, IRMA), Madeline Boughton (Ireland 2016) on the funding of rock’n'roll

The tech inquisition: just watch the body language as five music tech companies get asked some questions they don’t normally get asked

The view from the top: live music supremo Rob Hallett tells some stories involving the Sex Pistols, Leonard Cohen, Duran Duran, Nile Rodgers and many more

The artists talk back: hands down, my favourite panel every year. Here are Lewis Jackson (Enemies), Ollie Murphy (HamsandwicH), Sorcha Brennan (Sleep Thieves) and Michael Pope (Le Galaxie) talking about the stuff they want to talk about with minimal prompting from the host

A dentist, a vet and an engineer walk into a gig: we never hear from the actual fans at confabs like this so we decided to bring three music fans – Dermot Ferguson (the dentist), Síomha O ‘Leary (the vet) and Ronan Kearney (the engineer) – together to talk about everything from how they decide on the bands to check out to the festivals they rate to the stuff they don’t like.

The state of the music journalism nation 2015: music writers and commentators Jessica Hopper (Pitchfork), Hugh McIntyre (Forbes, Noisey, MTV, HP), Dev Sherlock (Hype Machine) and Blaithnaid Healy (Mashable) talk candidly about why they’re still doing what they do and what they reckon is on the way

Bonus video: here’s the Banter discussion with Pitchfork’s Jessica Hopper which took place as part of HWCH 2015. She’s one of the smartest writers and editors in the game and it was a pleasure to talk to her at length about her career, her new book The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic and her views on how to make sexism in the music business a thing of the past.