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We Shall Overcome

Dublin’s punk and hip-hop communities come together to support Dublin Simon, Dublin Calais Refugee Solidarity and Crosscare

Dah Jevu

Mon, Sep 14, 2015, 17:34


We Shall Overcome is a weekend-long affair happening across the UK from October 2 to 4 with those who make music and culture highlighting that there is a human cost to the politics of austerity in terms of homelessness, poverty and other hardships.

To coincide with the weekender over there, there’s a We Shall Overcome event taking place at Dublin’s Grand Social on Sunday October 4. An evening of hard hitting songs for hard hit people, it’s organised by the venerable Hope Promotions in conjunction with State magazine. Acts performing include Dah Jevu, Fierce Mild, Damola, M(h)aol and Anti-One as well as Nialler9’s Vinyl Love and Young Hearts Run Free DJs.

Aside from a show of support for those who are struggling to cope in the current political and financial landscape, the event will also raise money and donations for Dublin Simon Community (female toiletries), Crosscare (non-perishable food items) and Dublin Calais Refugee Solidarity.