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New Music – The Golden Hippie, Fever High, Nick Hill

New acts for you to check out from Los Angeles, Brooklyn and Sydney

Fever High

Thu, Aug 27, 2015, 09:58


Every week, we highlight a couple of new acts from around the globe who’ve caught our attention. Please feel free to share tips below or check out all past New Music selections here.

The Golden Hippie

Marissa Jack is The Golden Hippie, the Arizona-born and Los Angeles-based musician whose new track “Drums Make Me Happy” is a serious wallop of sound. While Jack has form in the shape of a record deal from a few years ago with Warners and a spell as backing singer and dancer in Prince’s band, her new guise as The Golden Hippie exudes strong confidence and a real sense that she has found her true calling in terms of catchy, sultry melodies and sounds.

Fever High

“Tantalized” is a summer ear-worm to make you wish we actually had a summer around these parts. Sassy, sussed and swinging, “Tantalized” is the kind of giddy, bouncy pop tune which reminds you of a ton of stuff which has passed this way from Green Gartside’s smarts to Bananarama’s swagger, yet has a distinctive bang all of its own. Fronted by vocalists Reni Lane and Anna Nordeen with Fountains Of Wayne songwriter and producer Adam Schlesinger also in the mix and there’s a debut EP on the way.

Nick Hill

From Sydney, Nick Hill is signed to Yes Please, the label which has provided lodgings for Oliver Tank, Guerre and Wintercoats. He’s a singer-songwriter with a strong handle on electronic, soulful tunes which are emotional, sensitive and tender, yet Hill is also capable of producing a hypnotic atmosphere within the tune to go with that broody voice.