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New Music – Glass Vaults, Liss, All Dogs

New acts from you to swoon over from Wellington, Aarhus and Columbus


Thu, Aug 20, 2015, 09:47


Every week, we highlight a couple of new acts from around the globe who’ve caught our attention. Please feel free to share tips below or check out all past New Music selections here.

Glass Vaults

From Wellington in New Zealand, Glass Vaults are a bunch of old schoolfriends who turned their hands to making lush, colourful, psychedelic folk tracks with great pop appeal. Judging by the title track below, we expect their debut album “Sojourn” to be quite the trip. While you’re waiting for that one, check out their previous EP releases here.


How good is “Try”? The work of four fresh-faced kids from Aarhus in Denmark and co-produced by The xx’s helper-in-chief Rodaidh McDonald, it’s a tune which fizzes with poppy sweetness, sunnysideup harmonies and dashing, infectious charm. Released on Escho, the Danish label which gave us Iceage. We want more.

All Dogs

A pop=punk four-piece from Columbus, Ohio, All Dogs have been slowly up the rankings with tunes which are both sassy and rough-around-the-edges. “That Kind of Girl” is taken from their forthcoming debut album “Kicking Every Day” and it sounds bang on time, a track with a powerful Nineties’ alt-rock riff, a catchy melody and some powerful lines about love gone bad.