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The playlist – the sounds of the week at OTR HQ

Tracks from Girl Band, Harvey Sutherland, Helena Hauff, Clap! Clap!, New Radicals, Jojee, Tek Lun, Tarquin and others

Helena Hauff

Fri, Aug 7, 2015, 09:00


C Duncan “Architect” (Fat Cat)

Glaswegian classical composer goes for the goosebumps with an album of beautiful choral pop complete with ethereal folk and ambient swathes.

Girl Band “Holding Hands With Jamie” (Rough Trade)

The soon-come debut album from the only Irish band who sound like a rocket taking off in close proximity. A powerful wham-bam racket of bracing, gnarly guitars, gritty, end-of-the-world drums and superb shouty, snarly bits from a band who really do put blood in the music. Hit! “Paul” from the album below

New Radicals “You Get What You Give” (MCA)

This article sent us back to relive the sound of 1998/99 from Gregg Alexander and co

Tarquin “Kid U” (Gobstopper)

Sharp-as-a-tack grime twister with an r’n'b sheen to highlight the off-kilter sweetness from the London producer

Jojee “Think of Anything” (White)

Gloriously sultry new-school pop swinger with some dark touches from the promising New Yorker

De Lux “Oh Man the Future” (Innovative Leisure)

Los Angeles duo reach for the stars with a track which mates Talking Heads’ funk, LCD Sounsystem sass and west coast pop nous.

Tek Lun “Ar” (HW&W)

Gritty groove shaker from B-More producer Rashad Tek Williams.

Clap! Clap! “Camo/Fever” (Black Acre)

A pair of killer grooves from Italian rhythmic ace C. Crisci pushing a tribal Afro-footwork agenda with much aplomb

Helena Hauff “Discreet Desires” (Werkdiscs)

Debut solo album of wildstyle, fiery experimental tech and electronica from the Hamburg producer and one-half of Black Sites. “L’homme Mort” from the album below

Harvey Sutherland “Bermuda” (MCDE)

One of the grooves of the season round our way, “Bermuda” is the sound of the summer that never was, a track full of giddy bouncability and beaming smiles from the Melbourne producer.