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Music Collection: Young Wonder

From Moby and Douglas Dare to The Gloaming and Cirez D, 10 out-takes from the Cork duo’s combined music collection

Young Wonder. Photo: Sarah Doyle

Wed, May 6, 2015, 14:07


We kick off a new OTR series about the music which musicians dig with Young Wonder’s Ian Ring and Rachel Koeman. They release their debut album “Birth” on Feel Good Lost on May 15 and play live shows at Electrowerkz, London on May 7, Savoy, Cork (May 16); Whelan’s, Dublin (May 22); Dolan’s, Limerick (May 23); Roisin Dubh, Galway (May 29); Valentia Island Festival, Co Kerry (July 10) and Longitude Festival, Dublin (July 17-19). Here are the ten tracks or albums which have influenced and inspired Ian and Rachel.

(1) The Chemical Brothers “Where Do I Begin?”

The first time I heard this song was when it was used as a soundtrack for the movie Vanilla Sky. I fell in love with it straight away. The way the song develops from these unusual reversing guitar loops and colourful atmospheres into this huge epic sound made me realise their are are no rules in music, except to make something that sounds good to you. (Ian)

(2) Sombear “Incredibly Still”

This song should have received a lot more recognition that it did. I feel it’s a real hidden treasure. Sombear writes some beautifully emotive lyrics: “in the in-between season/We hold incredibly still”. There’s something about the lyrics that just speak to me – that longing to get things right in your twenties, but the fear of getting it completely wrong. (Rachel)

(3) Moby “Porcelain”

I bought Moby’s “Play” when I was in 2nd year in school and had this song on repeat for at least a month, I could never get sick of it. Again, I think it was those reversing sounds that sucked me in to begin with. The hip-hop style drums were also a big influence to me at the time. If a more advanced life form ever decides to come here and wipe us all out, I hope they’ll listen to “Porcelain” first and then reconsider. Ha! (Ian)

(4) Douglas Dare “Nile”

I only discovered this artist a few months ago, but I have really been enjoying “Nile”. His music is a mix of electronics with more classical elements and a beautiful voice. His voice is like silk, I could listen to this song all day long. (Rachel)

(5) Cirez D “Teaser”

I went through a big techno and minimal phase in my teens. I used to DJ in the foyer of the Savoy when I was in school, while Stevie G played hip-hop and r’n'b in the main room. This is one of my Favourite techno songs of all time. The intensity builds and builds and it never failed to fill the dance floor. It kind of reminds me of some of the stuff Jon Hopkins is doing today. (Ian)

(6) Portico ft Joe Newman “101″

This is honestly one of my favourite songs of 2015 so far. I’ve never listened to Portico before, but I’m a massive fan of Alt-J so this song attracted me instantly. It’s just such a ‘sick’ beat (I feel I need to put ‘sick’ in inverted commas simply because it’s not a term I would use normally!) Joe Newman’s voice sounds beautiful in this song too. (Rachel)

(7) J Dilla “Donuts”

The influence of J Dilla, the king of beat making, is still alive today in the likes of Flying Lotus, Jai Paul and Dave Sparkz, to name a few. For me, his drum groves are flawless. Sampling was and still is such a beautiful art and “Donuts” is a testament to that. I grew up sampling a lot and making beats for guys in the Irish hip-hop scene. I used to listen to Stevie G play all Dilla’s stuff on his Black on Red show on Red FM, which was a lesson in hip-hop for me. (Ian)

(8) The Gloaming “The Gloaming”

One of my favourite albums ever. I’ve always thought traditional irish music was beautiful, but the fusion of old irish music with more contemporary sounds by the Gloaming just blew my mind. I saw them live a few months ago in Dublin and they were amazing. It’s really such a beautiful album that can be listened to anywhere or anytime. I love how it’s not too intrusive, just gentle, beautiful listening. (Rachel)

(9) Penny And The Quarters “You And Me”

I had to get a love song in here. The crazy thing is that these guys only ever recorded three songs and should have been huge, I don’t even think this song was finished, it was only a demo. For me, it just proves that the emotion and the feeling of a record is what is most important. Her vocals bring you on a journey that you never want to come to an end. (Ian)

(10) INC “No World”

I listened to this album a whole lot last year, One could argue it’s a little too hipster, but there is something so satisfying about those 90s’ beats, sweet (sweet!) whispers and muted singing. I love these guys. Every song on that album is so satisfying. “Take me to the river and i’ll be your angel”: c’mon…beautiful! (Rachel)