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The Jam Sessions go inside the song

A week of electronic, punk and trad music dissections from THEATREclub

Mon, Jan 19, 2015, 09:37


It’s always interesting to see music events which go at the gig in a different way and trust THEATREclub to be the ones behind the innovation on this occasion. They’re the Dublin-based theatre company who’ve produced productions like History, Heroin and The Family over the last couple of years and The Jam Sessions: Inside the Song/Song Whispers, which runs from Wednesday at Dublin’s Project Arts Centre, is part of the company’s festival The Theatre Machine Turns You On 4.

Each night, a different genre will be under the spotlight with various guests playing and talking about the music. On Wednesday (January 21), there’ll be music from Carriages, with Emmet Condon (Homebeat, Another Love Story) talking about electronic music. On Thursday, it’s punk under the microscope with Fierce Mild doing the playing and Barry Lennon (Seven Quarters) doing the talking. Trad gets the Jam Sessions’ treamnent on Friday with a set from Lynched and music journalist and composer Oliver Sweeney talking all things trad.

The week comes to a close on Saturday night with Sonic Whispers where all three acts – Carriages, Lynched and Fierce Mild – reconvene onstage for a jam sessions, whille music coach Shelly Buckspan hosts a playful discussion into the creative process.

Per the press releases, here’s how it works: “One band first. They play a tune. The next band is brought on stage. They’ve heard nothing so far. Then each band will try to reinterpret the song played by the previous band – the only catch is that since they’ll have their ears covered backstage, they will be relying on you to gives them clues and cues of how to play! What was the rhythm, can you remember the lyrics, how about the structure of the verse?”

Each night kicks off at 9.30pm, tickets costs €10 and are available from the venue website.