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Can you predict the Choice Music Prize shortlist?

These are the 10 Irish albums from 2014 which have tickled the fancy of the Choice Music Prize judges – or are they?

Tue, Jan 6, 2015, 09:40


The shortlist for the annual Choice Music Prize will be announced tomorrow. You know the drill by now: 10 albums are selected from the ton of Irish albums released in 2014 (there’s a list of many of them here) by a dozen judges drawn from the ranks of those who write about or talk about music for a living. Then, all hell breaks loose for a couple of hours as people give out yards and fume about who made the cut and who didn’t and how the judges are eejits etc.

It’s now in in its tenth year (DOI: I was involved in co-founding the yoke back in 2005, but have not been involved since 2010) and it’s always a pleasant surprise for me to see how much people invest in it, from the bands to the media to fans. In fact, it’s probably such an establishment event now that it may be time for an alternative. Hmmmm….

Anyway, here’s my reckoning on who will make the cut tomorrow. Of course, it all depends on the judges, whoever they are this year.

Hozier “Hozier” (the judges would want to every kind of sto0opid to leave the lanky Wicklow lad out of the running)

The Gloaming “The Gloaming” (the judges would want to be cloth-eared idiots to omit this)

James Vincent McMorrow “Post-Tropical” (the judges would want to be space cadets to dismiss the album which featured on nearly every Irish critic’s Best of 2014 list)

Godknows + MynameisjOhn “Rusangano Family” (the judges would want to only listen to albums sent to them by major labels and PR companies or be completely ignorant about hip-hop to ignore this clatter of sound from Co Clare)

Caoimhin O Raghallaigh/Dan Trueman “Laghdú” (one of the most adventurous albums of last year or, indeed, any other year)

Delorentos “Night Becomes Light” (a safer bet to make the cut than any tips for the 3.30 at Sedgefield today)

Printer Clips “Printer Clips” (Paul Noonan has featured many times in the running as a member of Bell X1 and his album of duets may be just as amenable to Choice tastes)

Jennifer Evans “Works from the Dip and Foul” (superb long-in-the-works artcore debut from the supremely talented Dubliner)

We Cut Corners “Think Nothing” (ticks all the boxes when it comes to a Choice Music Prize shortlist album so would be hugely surprised if this doesn’t feature tomorrow)

Aphex Twin “Syro” (for the crack – not a chance in hell this album from the Limerick-born electronic buccaneer will feature unless there are some Situationalists on the judging panel)

Over to you – who do you reckon will make the cut when the list is announced tomorrow afternoon?