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Banter at the Sound of Belfast

Four artists chew the fat as Banter revisits the northern capital for the week-long music festival

The interior of the Oh Yeah music centre by Seán Rickard

Wed, Oct 29, 2014, 13:52


One of the most enjoyably contentious and rumbustious Banters of the last year happened when we went to Belfast Music Week to talk about the city’s musical creativity and nostalgia for the past. It started in one place, took a big twist and then ended up somewhere else entirely, as all these discussions should.

We’re heading back to the city on November 15 for the Sound Of Belfast festival. Events during the week-long event include a solo show from Tim Wheeler, the Northern Ireland Music Prize 2014, Therapy? performing “Troublegum”, the Van Morrison trail, Mireia Bordonada’s Ulster Punks: Rebels With A Cause photo exhibition and a clatter of other performances, exhibitions, talks, panels and gatherings. You’ll find the full programme here.

On this occasion, we’ll be talking to a bunch of artists about the stuff they never talk about and are never asked about. Come along to hear what Hornby (Continuous Battle Of Order, The Big List), Shannon O’Neill (Sister Ghost), Paul Currie (Rhinos) and Tom Harte (Trucker Diablo) make of the state of the musical nation and the stories of the day.

Banter at Sound of Belfast takes place at the Oh Yeah Music Centre on Saturday November 15 at 2pm. Admission is free.