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The wrap is going to kick some leaves

The Replacements, D’Angelo, music publishing, Friday Night Lights, HearSay, U2, medieval slang, money laundering and Messi’s decade at FC Barcelona

10 years of Lionel Messi at the Camp Nou. Photo: Peter Powell

Wed, Oct 15, 2014, 09:38


Walking on Sunshine: great read (and listen) on New York’s Sunshine Sound and the birth of the remix.

Google 101: take a masterclass about the technology company whose services you probably use every single day at least a dozen times.

Long re-read of the week: Buzz Bizzinger goes to Odessa, Texas to spend some time with local high school football team, the Permian Panthers. The rest was a book, film and TV series

“The record industry is dying. The concert industry is booming. The club scene is … nervous”. Is what’s happening with live music and club shows in Nashville going to stay in Nashville?

Radioheads: those interested in creative audio should make a beeline for the HearSay festival which takes place in Kilfinane, Co Limerick from November 21 to 23. With contributions from Irish and international audio makers, the event will feature innovative radio features, film sound, sound art, theatre sound, music and drama in the heart of the Ballyhoura mountains.

Storage wars: the thinking behind Manhattan Mini Storage’s sharp-as-a-tack ad campaign

NSFW if you work in some medieval joint: the vulgar, creative and very funny world of 15th and 16th century sexual slang. You’ll never look at the jockum in the same way again.

Is EDM killing the art of DJ-ing? Good essay by Tim Sheridan (who plays the Shapeshifters’ Ball at IMMA on Saturday week) as he wonders if DJ-ing woes run deeper. Contains only reference to French philosopher Guy Debord in The Irish Times today.

Money, money, money: what Hollywood agents, actors and even assistants earn. And they’re not paying the USC either.

We know some people who’ll find this handy: all you ever wanted to know about money laundering but didn’t know who to ask.

Messi and FC Barcelona 10 years on: “those 10 years have both defined this era of soccer and stood completely outside it in fascinating ways”.

Oral history dept: the life and times of D’Angelo

We know some people who should read this piece, including some folk who’ve actually signed music publishing contracts over the years: a beginners’ guide to music publishing

Ninja Tune and Coldcut main mover Matt Black talks music now and back in the day.

Jason Flom on instinct: “you either have it or you don’t. Of course, it’s all subjective. Until they’re on the charts, it’s all subjective.” Good interview with the A&R supremo behind Lorde, Jessie J, Jewel, Kid Rock, Sugar Ray, Hootie & the Blowfish and Katy Perry

Mat Honan’s requiem for the iPod now that Apple are discontinuing the classic music player which served so many people so well. I blame U2 for this.

Speaking of Bono and friends (and no, we’re not going to talk about “it’s the job of art to be divisive” or “no craic on the horizon” from the weekend): Daniel Paproth says we’ve got to stop being nasty about the band.

Meet Alex Chrum, the woman who has to put up with the most hateful, vile language you’ve ever heard every day of her working life thanks to her job moderating online commentary.

Fred12345: are you willing to spend $17.99 on the 1Password app to manage your online passwords?

Bands and brands, part 23,091: Metallica’s Lars Ulrich joins some branding dudes to talk turkey.

From the archives: reviving the Replacements

Inside the strange, wired world of corporate espionage.

Hands up, who wants a list? How about the 10 best emerging technologies for 2014?

Tune. Say hello to Yumi Zouma, the three-piece who are our current favourite New Zealand band