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No bridges on the horizon

Dublin City Council staying quiet about why they shut down a busy bridge in the capital for a video shoot.

A previous attempt by U2 to take over a Dublin bridge was unsuccessful

Mon, Aug 25, 2014, 18:08


Detective Conor Pope is having the crack at the moment with the story about why Dublin City Council gave permission to “an up and coming band” called Summer Nights to close Samuel Beckett Bridge in the city for almost 24 hours to shoot a video. I’ve never heard of Summer Nights, you’ve never heard of Summer Nights but we’ve all heard of U2, the only band with the ego, arrogance, neck and need to get some publicity for an upcoming release to have a bridge closed for 24 hours to shoot a video.

But, seeing as we’ll be talking soon enough about U2 once they finally get around to releasing that long-awaited new album, let’s actually concentrate on what we do know here rather than casting aspersions on the band. Here are Dublin City Council, an authority who’ve already had their collective fingers burned this summer by their engagement with the pop business over the G*** B**** omnishambles.

They now decide to close a major bridge in the city on the day of a huge football match in Croke Park and on the day that there are no trains running which means even more people are in cars looking to get over bridges. They then go peculiarly quiet about all of this when challenged.

While much of their “taciturn” response to Detective Pope’s enquiries probably have to do with contracts and non-disclosure agreements, the fact is that a huge number of the city’s citizens were probably inconvenienced by these shenanigans yesterday. Maybe not the same numbers as the whole stetson fiasco, but significant nonetheless.

The secrecy around the whole thing was comical. The fact that no-one knew what the hell was going on and that the council were not prepared to play game with completely reasonable enquiries just adds to a bad summer all round for the local authority. Here’s a body truly out of step with things.

You’re probably wondering what lord mayor Christy Burke makes of it seeing as his bailiwick is on the north side of the bridge. Well, it seems that even Da Mayor was inconvenienced by the palaver yesterday and he didn’t have a rashers what was going on.

“I tried to cross the bridge myself on the way back from a Bonnie Baby competition on Sherriff Street when I was blocked”, he told Pope. “I thought it was for maintenance or something, but then I heard a rumour that it was a video for Bono or something. But I don’t know – no official has told me anything and I am the Lord Mayor.”

Christy really is the Lord Mayor. You have to feel sorry for Da Mayor: he really is out of the loop here and having absolutely no luck at all when it comes to the pop business this weather. We hope he’d better luck with the bonnie baby competition.