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From the paper: Jeff Buckley’s amazing “Grace”

Remembering Jeff Buckley’s debut album 20 years on

Thu, Aug 21, 2014, 14:00


It’s 20 years this week since Jeff Buckley’s “Grace” first appeared in the world. It was the one and only studio album released during his lifetime, a statement of where the singer-songwriter was coming from and a sign of where he intended to head. Events in Memphis in May 1997 changed all that and we’ll never know where Buckley would have gone from “Grace”. You could argue, of course, that there are signs of that future on the various demos and sketches which Buckley left behind but, as with any posthumous releases, you never know if the singer himself would have given his imprimatur to those collections. Here’s a piece I wrote about “Grace” 20 years on for the paper plus dive into the album again or a live show from Paris in 1995 below.