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Banter joins Other Voices at the Electric Picnic

A talk about festivals with Melvin Benn and Philip King at a festival within a festival

Wed, Aug 20, 2014, 10:03


Boom, we’re back with another Banter announcement. I know, you wait four months and then two come along at once.

After various adventures over the last two years in Derry, Dingle and London, Banter is delighted to join Other Voices as they head into the woods at Stradbally Hall on their first ever visit to Co Laois and the Electric Picnic. It’s our third year in a row at the Picnic and, after two years availing of the very kind hospitality of Naoise Nunn and his team at Mindfield, we head off for some adventures in the woods with Other Voices.

Yesterday, OV announced that Mirel Wagner (the Finnish singer with the mighty new album “When the Cellar Children See the Light Of Day” ), Tiny Ruins and Silences would be joining them in the woods. Today, it’s the turn of the Bantering classes to say hello.

On Saturday afternoon (4pm, Other Voices tent), Melvin Benn (Festival Republic) and Philip King (Other Voices) will join me to talk about the yin and yang of the modern festival. We’ll look at the long-term history of these musical feasts, how festivals have changed over the past decade or so, the new eclecticism which reigns at the better events, the differences in festival culture between countries and the future for these events.

A talk about festivals at a festival within a festival – prepare for the most meta hour of your weekend. There will also be a very special musical guest too who we can’t tell you about quite yet but, trust us, it will be worth it.