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More Moz-inations from pop’s premier attention-seeker

He may not have released a decent album in decades but Morrissey remains pop’s finest spinner


Fri, Aug 15, 2014, 09:53


When it comes to maintaining a profile, Morrissey is an example to us all. While there will no doubt be claims from the fanbase that the world is completely against him, the singer himself demonstrates the kind of cunning to stay in the public eye usually deployed by Nigel Farage.

Remember that we’re talking about someone here whose creative glory days are well and truly over. Yes, the new albums still get attention from the fanboys and fangirls with laptops and iPhones, but everyone else has long given up on him. Even the entertaining waspish humour which once studded his interviews and pronouncements has dried up.

But his travails with his latest record label show Moz’s skills for machinations are still intact. Harvest is the 14th label to house a Morrissey solo release but, after releasing the “World Peace is None of Your Business” album last month, the label appears to have told him to sling his hook. This is according to the True to You fan website, which serves as the singer’s Pravda, and has not been confirmed at the time of writing by the label.

Given that he has been cribbing of late about Harvest’s unwillingness to make a video or get him on TV shows (does he really want to be on The Late Late Show?), one has to wonder if this is another example of clever Moz-inations.

Then again, it may well be the case that Harvest boss Steve Barnett has already had enough of dealing with him and is getting out while the going is good and before they waste any more cash.

Either way, it keeps Morrissey in the limelight and reminds the diehards that he’s still around. It’s an important lesson too for all would-be heritage acts: once you have a dedicated audience who’ll fawn over you, you can keep going until you fall over.