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Farewell to The Pavilion

One of the country’s finest venues closes its doors

Good times at The Pavilion. Photo: Bríd O'Donovan http://showshotshare.tumblr.com

Fri, Jul 25, 2014, 09:58


It’s sad to note that there’s a venue missing from the listings in this edition of The Ticket. The announcement that Cork music venue The Pavilion is to close came as a blow to many. From those who ran and worked in the venue to the bands and DJs who made it a hugely popular space for music of every stripe, the closure is a loss which will be felt far and wide.

Venues come and go all the time, but the best ones contribute immeasurably to their community. The contribution can be tangible in the shape of cash or gigs, but a venue can also provide other forms of assistance and attributes which are hard to estimate in monetary terms.

Cork, of course, already has one fabled venue in its back pages. The current UCC exhibition on Sir Henry’s testifies to the part which that manky sweatbox played for the city’s musicians and music fans over the years.

Like the Hacienda in Manchester, venues like Henry’s always appear far more important in hindsight. At the time, they’re seen as a place to go to see a gig or have a laugh.

But with time, the fact that the space acted as a melting pot and gathering point for all kinds of people with ideas and dreams and aspirations is of much more significance. Great spaces are great spaces because of the people who hung out there.

With the Pavilion, this will be a loss which will felt even more keenly in time. Sure, other venues in the city will take up the slack, but the work which Joe Kelly, Stevie Grainger, Pat Conway and others at the Pavilion have done with that former cinema since 2008 and with all the people who have walked through their doors should not be forgotten in a hurry.