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From the paper: an interview with Shane Meadows

This Is England director Shane Meadows talks DIY film-making, music and his forthcoming film on British cyclist Tommy Simpson

Shane Meadows. Photo: Giles Smith http://www.giloscope.co.uk

Thu, Jul 17, 2014, 09:20


Tomorrow night, Shane Meadows’ film on his musician pal Gavin Clark from Clayhill, UNKLE and Sunhouse, The Living Room, will be screened at Dublin’s Button Factory. It’s one of a couple of music-related films in Meadows’ back-catalogue – one of the other ones is Made Of Stone, his film on the reformed Stone Roses – and you could say that music and pop culture run like a colourful thread through much of his work. Ahead of the screening – which will also feature Clark performing with members of The Leisure Society – here’s an interview with Meadows about this, that and the other.