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Big Star in Dublin

“Big Star Live In Memphis” to get a screening in Dublin this month

Alex Chilton from Big Star Live In Memphis

Wed, Jul 9, 2014, 10:43


One for the many Big Star fans in the audience: the rare 1994 concert film “Big Star Live In Memphis” will be screened at the Sugar Club, Dublin on July 31.

The film features the band’s first hometown show in 20 years (during the series of reunion shows in 1994) and is probably the only complete concert featuring the media-adverse Chilton filmed by a multi-camera crew. To date, the film has only been screened once, when it was screened at the historic Levitt Shell amphitheater in Memphis last summer.

It’s a very rare chance to see Alex Chilton and Jody Stephens at large in the city’s New Daisy Theatre backed by members of the Posies, as they rip through “September Gurls,” take on Chris Bell’s “I Am the Cosmos,” and tear through some of Chilton’s favorite covers.

The show came to be filmed when Chilton’s friend and former “bodyguard” Danny Graflund convinced the band to allow the Memphis concert to be filmed. Graflund recruited local author and filmmaker Robert Gordon to organize a crew to shoot the performance. Graflund and Gordon edited one song from the concert to show potential investors to fund completion of a show before their efforts ran out of steam.

When Memphis photographer and filmmaker David Julian Leonard began gathering material for a Chilton documentary, he proposed to edit the concert film in its entirety in exchange for access to some of the footage for his own film. Graflund handed over the tapes that had been sitting there for almost 20 years. As Leonard assembled the footage, he followed one guiding principal: that no moment be substituted for another in any effort to polish the rough edges of the concert’s coverage.

More information on the screening here.