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From the paper: Kanye the brand vs Kanye the musician

Kamye West has always been an avid multitasker when it comes to bigging himself and his talents up, but is the music still worth shouting about?

What do you mean I can't get a cab from Marlay Park? Call Mick Devine stat

Tue, Jul 1, 2014, 14:02


Ahead of his visit to Marlay Park this week (a show which won’t produce Arcade Ire due to a lack of taxis and transporation afterwards as he certainly hasn’t sold as many tickets as the Canucks), here’s a look at where Kanye West stands in 2014. Ten years ago, when he visited Ireland for the first time, he was simply the rapper with the freshest sound of the season. Now, he’s better known as label boss, fashion maven, celebrity and newly wed husband to Kim Kardashian. Is West in danger of being famous simply for being famous, rather than for being a hip-hop legend behind some cracking albums?