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Alan McGee: “I used to fly by helicopter to Dublin to have lunch”

Read or listen to Alan McGee talking about the ups and downs of running Creation Records

The president of pop: Alan McGee in Dublin. Photograph: Alan Betson

Tue, Dec 17, 2013, 09:08


Today’s paper features my interview with the one and only Alan McGee, the Creation Records’ don, the man who found Oasis, the dude who worked with Primal Scream, the guy who put up with My Bloody Valentine and the Rangers’ fan with some fantastic stories to tell about managing The Jesus and Mary Chain. If you haven’t added his autobiography “Creation Stories: Riots, Raves and Running a Label” to your Christmas shopping list, do so pronto.

The interview was recorded at Banter last month and forms the basis for the very first Bantercast. You can now listen to or download the interview in full (including a lot of material which didn’t make it to the paper) here. You can also subscribe to Bantercast in the iTunes store here. More Bantercasts in the coming months – thanks to Tanya and Michael at Old Hat – so stay tuned.