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Three from the music business rushes

There are a million stories in the music industry’s naked city – and that’s just the ones about Spotify – but here are three which caught OTR’s eye of late

Thrift shop bargain hunter Macklemore

Wed, Oct 30, 2013, 09:46


Take one: a fascinating report from Music Ally about a Virgin Disruptors’ panel discussion this week. Of course, there’s panels – and then there’s a panel featuring Amanda Palmer, Zoe Keating, Imogen Heap, Will.I.Am, Trevor Skeet from Sporify’s artist relations team, Ian Hogarth from Songkick, Nic Jones from Vevo and Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun. Per Stuart Dredge, the gathering about disruption in the music business covered a multitude of angles and ideas including the usual raft (Spotify, piracy etc) and, far more interesting, the artist’s perspective on all the changes still in train. Lots of food for thought in Dredge’s comprehensive report.

Take two: Macklemore’s wild year. For the Seattle rapper, “Thrift Shop” obviously changed everything, but it’s fascinating to read his thoughts on the various business decisions which were taken behind the scene to get that big push on. Particularly interesting is Macklemore’s note that he and his team passed on a big-ass major label deal in favour of working a partnership with Warner Music because they realised the company’s radio promo team would work miracles for “Thrift Shop” so they went with that. “In this new scenario, we would maintain our independence without having to sign a label contract, while simultaneously benefiting from the one service major labels still have a monopoly on: radio promotion”, writes Macklemore. “It was everything that we had always wanted: maintaining our independence with access to radio and thus the masses.”

Take three: why Christmas is the most important season of all for musicians. That said, the notion of hundreds of Irish bands recording Christmas songs may not be the idea ever.