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DJs complaining, fuming, whinging and whining

How the DJ Complaining twitter account has brilliantly sent up the superstar DJ class

Stuff DJs complain about. Illustration by Toby Leigh

Fri, Oct 25, 2013, 09:47


When we look back on the history of social media, probably in about four years’ time, we’ll shake their heads in amazement at what we did during the golden age of Twitter. We’ll probably wonder for a start what possessed so many of us to spend so much time following parody accounts.

There is, it must be said, something worrying and depressing about not very funny people trying to be funny by passing themselves off as someone or, worse, something else. After all, as the fantastic DJs Complaining account shows, there’s far more fun to be had by simply looking at what real plonkers are saying.

What DJs Complaining does is highlight the latest complaints of the superstar DJ class by retweeting what they have to say. From Crnkn (“another day, another outrageous Starbucks line”) and DJ Chuckie (“this will be the last time I will sleep on a yacht..it’s shaking too much, even when it’s docked!”) to Wolfgang Gartner (“I have the crying lap-baby in the seat next to me in first class. I don’t pay up the ass to sit next to babies”), it’s a colourful litany of #firstworldproblems.

Of course, a perusal of most people’s Twitter timelines will produce similar banal moans and inane whinges from those who don’t have to play other people’s EDM for a living. But once you quickly realise that your favourite record spinner is actually an over-paid spoilt baby fuming at not getting their own way at airports or restaurants, you’ll probably view them in a whole new light.

Some of those who’ve been ridiculed, like Ben “Breach” Westbeech, have kicked back, but only result in looking a mite silly having an argument with an anonymous Twitter account. Once the DJs start complaining about DJs Complaining, you know who’s winning.