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10 things we’ve learned from Morrissey’s book

You won’t believe some of the stuff in this. We certainly wouldn’t

Thu, Oct 10, 2013, 09:34


Thanks to a large box falling off a lorry in Dublin 3, we got our hands on a proof of Morrissey’s “Autobiography” due for publication next week. Here are 10 things we learned from speed-reading the eagerly anticipated book that you won’t find anywhere else

(1) Morrissey doesn’t like cabbage.

(2) The Smiths were originally going to called The Ryans until Mike Joyce objected.

(3) There’s an unreleased solo album called “Smiley” in the archives which explores Morrissey’s secret fascination with Nineties’ rave culture. “That whole ‘hang the DJ’ thing was a charade”, he points out, before talking about nights spent in the Hacienda with Peter Hook, Tony Wilson and Bez. The album was due to be released on Creation, but Morrissey fell out with Alan McGee over a football bet.

(4) Morrissey clams that he’s a better guitar player than Johnny Marr

(5) He was an early investor in Facebook

(6) Morrissey was a member of a short-lived book club with Eric Pickles, Eric Cantona and Eric Clapton.

(7) He bemoans the fact that his fanbase is so old. “I sometimes muse about what it would be like to be a member of One Direction and hear those screams every night”, he says before talking about his fondness for playing badminton and backgammon with Louis Walsh.

(8) One of his biggest regrets regarding The Smiths is the band’s inability to finish a “potentially gamechanging” collaboration with Crass

(9) He has very harsh things to say about his school sports teacher

(10) He received “genuinely useful” advice about writing his book from Russell Brand, Jon Snow and David Guetta.