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The post-Picnic wrap

Valentia Island festival, piezoelectricity, libraries, Dave Chappelle, silent discos, Medium, Vice, Africa’s richest woman, Google autocomplete, Elon Musk and the death of comments

Hoop dreams: from Adrian Skenderovic's “Lost Hoops” series

Wed, Sep 4, 2013, 09:29


In praise of old technology. I use a 20 year old Sony Walkman to record all my interviews because it has never let me down. When I interviewed AlunaGeorge recently, they’d never seen anything like it. OTR is old.

So you want to work in the music business, do you? Well, here are the US cities where you should live if you’re after a job. Meanwhile, don’t expect to get paid a whole lot of cash to begin with. Memo to those at the back who may miss the point of all this: the best way to work in the music business is to do it for yourself. DIY rules.

More geography lessons: great piece about how Superchunk have turned Durham, North Carolina into a thriving indie rock town thanks to their Merge label. And here’s a story on how some dudes have turned Portland into a music industry hotspot.

Thankfully, I’m not the only one who has wondered why you needed cables and wires to power wireless devices. Meredith Perry hopes to do something about it via piezoelectricity

TV’s mavericks: from The Sopranos and The Wire to Breaking Bad and Mad Men; a review of two histories of television’s leading men.

Island life: the Valentia Island festival takes place from September 13 to 15 on Valentia Island, Co Kerry and stars such luminaries as LCD Soundsystem’s Nancy Whang and Pat Mahoney, David Holmes, Daithí (one of the stars of last weekend’s Electric Picnic), Bronagh Gallagher, Jape, Heathers and many, many more. Important note for would-be attendees: bring cash as the nearest ATM is in Caherciveen. Anyway, Fish Go Deep are also playing over the weekend – one of a series of events marking the duo’s 25 years in the house music business at the mo’ – and here’s a special Valentia Island mix from Greg Dowling to get y’all in the mood.

Soon, everyone can have their own silent disco set-up, thanks to Apple.

Don’t forget the Motor City: profile of the Challenge Detroit scheme which aims to draw smart kids and do-ers to the beleagured city. program is one of the initiatives trying to draw young professionals back to the city.

Malcolm Gladwell’s PS note on the 10,000 hours theory

Do you know what Medium is all about?

On country music’s black roots

The future of libraries

How journalism’s new big hitters are setting out their stall.

Chappelle show, baby

Interesting piece on the impact of curation services on the music subscription models.

Why Vice is the big chief of the content-is-king gang

Today’s how-long-is-a-piece-of-string question: how many subscribers does a streaming service require to be profitable?

Money, money, money: meet Africa’s richest woman. And here’s the list of the 20 men – and they’re nearly always men – who get paid the most money for spinning records.

Longread of the day: the very strange tale of a Craigslist jobs’ ad

A brief history of bad sports writing. Does not contain any GAA, though.

Hoop dreams: photographer Adrian Skenderovic’s series on the ramshackle basketball courts of South East Asia

Buggles, ABC’s “The Lexicon of Love”, Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Welcome To The Pleasure Dome”, Seal, Robbie Wiliams and now musicals: Trevor Horn on his life at the studio desk

Two takes on the Google autocomplete story here and here

One of our SXSW 2013 highlights was the interview with Elon Musk. Here’s GQ’s profile of the Paypal man and his solar power, space travel and electric cars’ projects.

The death of comments: “it’s time to banish the comment box. Services like Twitter, Facebook, Branch, Discourse, and Potluck all free readers from page-bottom cages. If we want actual conversations, we have to acknowledge that those conversations are as important as anything else we publish. We need to either prove we value reader discussion by giving it primacy or go the route of a site that doesn’t have a single bad comment: Daring Fireball, which has no comments at all”