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Now Playing: the tunes of the week at OTR HQ

Tunes for your listening pleasure from Elvis Costello & The Roots, Come On Live Long (pictured), J Cole, London Grammar and Weather Report

Fri, Jul 26, 2013, 09:00


Elvis Costello & The Roots “Wise Up Ghost” (Blue Note)

The best album of EC’s recent years as he joins forces with Questlove and the Roots for a voodoo funk ride on the dark side. First track from the above “Walk Us Uptown” below

Come On Live Long “Everything Fall” (Live Long)

Impressive bespoke pop with grand folky and baroque touches from the Dublin-based band

J Cole “Born Sinner” (RCA)

Champion new school rap-a-delica from the man who claims to brag like Hov and be real like Pac.

London Grammar “Strong” (Metal & Dust)

Best showcase yet for Hannah Reid’s soulful, captivating voice and her band’s choice atmospherics

Weather Report “Weather Report” (Columbia)

Digging the new breed from 1971 with Wayner Shorter, Joe Zawinul and friends.