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New additions to the Electric Picnic bill

The latest batch of acts who will be wondering where the hell is Stradbally later this summer

Giorgio's bags are already packed for the Picnic

Mon, Jul 22, 2013, 18:59


Latest runners and riders for the Electric Picnic bill are as follows (with OTR comments in brackets afterwards now and again, something which we’ve noted some bloggers have begun to ape, the no-mark, idealess, copycat losers):

Giorgio Moroder (hell yeah!)
Two Door Cinema Club
Duckworth Lewis Method
Billy Bragg
(the equivalent of vomit on your shoe, a band whose unquestionable success is as inexplicable, though not as entertaining, as this year’s hurling championship)
Jagwar Ma (psych wigout time)
Cyril Hahn (not one of the Hahns from Ballybrophy, though)
Mo (a big ol’ hit for many at Longitude at the weekend)
Young Wonder (ditto)
Braids (hot – though we’d also like to have seen Braids offshoot Blue Hawaii)
Summer Camp
Sam Smith (Vinnie Browne will be raging he didn’t get a booking. Honk!)

So, folks, are we in or are we out for this one?

Tickets: weekend tickets are €189.50 (plus TM rebates tax) until next Sunday July 28 and then increase to €229.50. Sunday day tickets are €85 (plus TM glamping tarrifs and charges). Anyone who found themselves on social media and Toutless over the weekend looking in vain for Longitude tickets might want to take note of this paragraph.

Win tickets: why bother buying ‘em, when you can win ‘em here

By the way, the Daily Ticket at the Electic Picnic is GO! for 2013. We’re already dreaming of that shed….