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Banter on the Liffey

Pop-up Banters in three city-centre venues in the big smoke on August 8

Banter on the Liffey - artist Fergal McCarthy in the Liffey

Wed, Jul 17, 2013, 12:22


It’s turning out to be a summer of choice Banter round these parts. Last weekend’s stop-off at the Kinsale Arts Festival turned out to be a real highlight. Thanks to the weather, the festival moved all the Banters to a stage in the main square so we had the first ever outdoors Banter in the sun.

There was some lively debates too. Our Cork Rock participants have vowed to look into starting a Cork band festival to showcase what they have down by the Lee, a sort of Hard Working Class Langers, if you will. The Springsteen discussion took some unexpected homo-eroticism turns and also came to the conclusion that Irish people dig Bruce because of the country music ties. I’ve been hoping to do a visual arts Banter for ages and it was every jot as informative, illustrative and entertaining as I hoped it would be. And our state of the Irish books’ nation was a superb dive into the current comings and doing, as well as featuring a brief fiesty disagreement over a crusade about reading. A huge round of applause and more Factor 30 for our brilliant panelists.

We also had exquisite, lovely, fierce and classy live performances from North Side Drive, Wyvern Lingo, Daithi (turning Short Quay into Space for a quarter-of-an-hour) and Conor Mason from Little Bear. Thanks to them for their time and contributions. Also massive thanks to all at the festival for their inviation, assistance and good cheer, especially Marie, Dawn, Maggie, Diane, Ian on sound and everyone else. We’ll be back in Kinsale for more in October.

Like we said, it’s turning out to be a busy summer. In the next few weeks, we have the Anti Room round for “BUT what about the MENZ?!” (July 25), a visit from the legendary Peter Hook (August 1), a trip to the GAZE film festival (August 3) and our all-singing, all-dancing takeover at the Kilkenny Arts Festival (August 10, 14 and 17). Green Party leader Eamon Ryan and former government minister, TD and senator Mary O’Rourke will now be joining the political reform panel for our Big Issues day at the Parade Tower on August 17.

But before we move lock, stock and barrel to the Marble City, time for something slightly different in Dublin. Banter on the Liffey will see us hosting pop-up talks in three Liffey-side venues on August 8 as a taster for the Liffey Legover festival which will taking place at the Twisted Pepper, Grand Social and Workman’s Club later this year.

The Banter on the Liffey menu is as follows:

The Tony Fenton Retrospective In 35 Minutesthe Today FM legend on his life on and off the airwaves

Dives, sweatboxes and ballroomsCome Here To Me’s Sam McGrath on the life and times of some of the city’s most celebrated music venues

The Liffey and me – visual artist Fergal McCarthy on how the river has influenced his works like Liffeytown and No Man’s Land

We’ll start the night at 7pm-ish in the Workman’s Club, move across the river to the Grand Social for 8.30pm and bring it all to a close at the Twisted Pepper, the place where Banter started, for 10pm-ish. Admission to all events will be free. We probably won’t be announcing which Banter goes where so keep an eye on ye olde social media for full details.