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Bringing the Sir Henry’s sweatbox to life again

Raymond Scannell’s new play Deep aims to relive the hey-day of the legendary Cork club

The good old days: Sir Henry's flyer (from Cork DJs.com)

Fri, Jun 14, 2013, 09:45


There are some club nights which were always destined to live forever. In an international context, clubs like the Loft, The Gallery and Body & Soul produced you-should-have-been-there tales which still resonate today.

These were the events which provided club culture with its foundations and its first set of urban legends. After all, you wouldn’t have EDM or Tiesto without them.

In Ireland, we’ve also had a rash of clubs which stick in the memory banks. Those of a certain age in the capital, for instance, may remember nights out at Sides, Sugar Sweet, McGonagles, the Ormond Multimedia Centre or the Temple Of Sound.

Unlike today, there was no Twitter, Facebook or YouTube to provide instant photo and video snapshots of who was there and doing what, so the tall tales appear even taller in hindsight because of that lack of documentary proof.

From CorkDJs.com

It will be interesting then to see what’s the reaction to Deep, a new play based around the legendary Sir Henry’s in Cork during its 1990s’ heyday.

Written by and starring Raymond Scannell – and directed by Louise Lowe, from the hugely striking Laundry and The Boys Of Foley Street – Deep tells the story of that era through the eyes of a deep house fan. The play also features video interviews with Henry’s main figures and footage from the club.

While it’s not clubland’s first dalliance with theatre, Deep does deserve time and attention for what it’s trying to do. With every passing year, there will be more attempts to deconstruct and redefine the culture of happened way back then. Let’s hope both the veterans going to relive old memories and the newcomers keen to find out what all the fuss was about come away satisfied.

<Deep runs at the Half Moon Theatre, Cork from June 21 to 30 as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival>