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Checking in at David Guetta’s airport lounge

How the superstar DJ’s Ibiza airport lounge demonstrates dance music’s current crossover power

Your flight has been delayed so time for some raving with David Guetta

Fri, Jun 7, 2013, 09:50


The bizarrest airport lounge in the world is open for business once again all around the clock. As the clubbing season gets into full swing in Ibiza, you can expect the F*** Me I’m Famous lounge club from David Guetta and his wife Cathy, located in the island’s airport, to feature in many despatches from the White Island in the coming months.

The main feature of the Guetta lounge at the airport is a DJ booth and dancefloor, and there’s also heavily branded merchandise for sale alongside the usual drink and food selections. Sadly, there’s no sign of any ham or cheese Baguettas on the menu (a missed opportunity), though there are Fruit Me food salads for 11.50 euro a pop if you want to re-up your five-a-day.

Aside from giving clubbers their first – or last, if they’re on the way home from the island – taste of Ibiza high life, the lounge is also a sign of Guetta’s impressive pulling power. As a DJ and producer who has firmly crossed over from the dance scene to the mainstream, it was only a matter of time before branding opportunities like this came his way.

That crossover is proving to be extremely lucractive for many dance acts. At the recent International Music Summit in Ibiza, some staggering figures were bandied about about the value of the global dance music industry. Some estimates are talking about figures in excess of 3.5 billion euros, with the bulk of that coming from club nights and and live events. No wonder the big dogs like Live Nation are moving into this area.

No doubt airport lounges won’t be the only unusual ventures we’ll see in the future seeking to cash in on dance’s current appeal.