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The Easter egg wrap

Including stories on Dapper Dan’s boutique, the best indie shops in the UK, the rise of Pitchfork, 82nd & 5th, your iPhone versus your heart and the tune of the summer

Angel Haze, one of the 20 best acts at SXSW 2013

Tue, Mar 26, 2013, 09:23


The final words from me on SXSW 2013: here’s the list of the 20 best bands I saw the other week in Austin, Texas.

Join hip-hop’s best dressed inside Dapper Dan’s boutique in Harlem

The 10 best indie record shops in the UK – and there’s plenty more in the comments too. Are there even 10 indie shops in Ireland at this stage?

I saw some fine music documentaries at SXSW incuding Good Ol’ Freda and The Punk Syndrome. This one, though, also sounds worth your time when it appears – a look at the Now That’s What I Call Music compilation series.

Band tips: why marketing is part of everything a musician does

Richard Beck on the rise and rise of Pitchfork, your favourite music review and criticism site.

Phone vs heart: how our reliance on our phones and other gadgets effects our biological capacity to connect with others. Expect to see the Sindo rewriting this as a threesome next weekend.

The art department: 82nd & 5th is a superb idea from the Met in New York as 100 curators talk about 100 transformative works of art from the museum’s collection.

What SXSW Interactive tells us about the future of music.

Apple shop workers bite back.

The skinny on Red Bull’s new Music Amplifier music tech accelerator.

The PJ Bloom backlash: the music supervisor from Glee, CSI: Miami, Nip/Tuck and American Horror Story raises a lot of hackles with his thoughts on why “it’s amazing to me that we still pay anything” for using a band’s tunes.

U2 fans do not heart OTR: it seems that U2 fans do not share OTR’s belief that the band should give up writing new tunes and just crank out the greatest hits. More polls for U2 fans: should The Edge take off his hat? Should the band pay more or less tax? Where exactly do the streets have no name?

The rebirth of MySpace continues.

Inside the very strange world of dubbing films.

Jash time: meet the new online video channel from Sarah Silverman, Ben Stiller, Michael Cera and others looking to save Hollywood. Place looked dandy to us last week.

Tune of the summer ahoy